Website Builder Comparison Hosting for Musicians and Bands in the U.S

The music industry is quickly advancing, and the best way that bands, musicians and DJs can easily reach the market is by sharing their music, tour dates, and merchandise by building an online presence. If you want to create a stunning robust website that you can install in minutes with a friendly support system that allows you to share your music online, this article gives you a website builder comparison that will let you pick the best choice based on your needs.

Becoming a successful musician or band is tough! Apart from performance, the best way to share your songs, photos and videos is by creating a website to grow a fan base. An excellent web builder will allow you to quickly and easily set up a site with no technical skills required at the same time help you to hit your sales targets.

Additionally, the website builder that you choose should allow you to upload and share your tunes efficiently. The site builder should also help you market your band with beautiful mobile-friendly themes where your audience can easily reach out to you on both Android and OS devices.

Here are features to consider when looking for a website builder that will take your music career to the next level.

Features of the Best Website Builders for Musicians and Bands

Building a robust internet platform to build your fan base is crucial. However, there’s a vast choice of website builders for musicians available in the market right now with a variety of features you need to grow your fan base.

Social Media Integration

The website builder should allow you to integrate your existing social media platforms so that you can easily share your music, tour dates, and content from a single control panel.

Analytic Tool

A built-in analytic tool will allow you to collect data on the most downloaded content. The data collected will help you in focused marketing strategies with the right information.

SEO for Musicians

A good website builder features in-built search engine optimization features that will help draw traffic into your website and consequently increase your fan base. The more the audience grows the higher the turnout in your tours the more the profit margins.

Fan Mail Listing Tools

A website builder specifically designed for people in the music industry will allow you to add email signup forms to your website for growth and interaction with your fan base.

Built-in Tour Calendar

A built-in tour calendar is crucial to have in your website as it allows you to schedule dates and give your fans detailed event info and links that you need to share.

Mobile and Desktop Responsive Design

Today, 80% of consumers in the US search for products and services via their mobile devices. Therefore, it’s essential that your pick features a responsive design on mobile and desktop versions to allow your fan base to reach you anytime.

Upload or Embed Media

Choosing a website builder that allows you to upload and embed media profiles is very crucial in your business and marketing efforts. Just like a product based company, music is the tangible product that you are giving your fans. Therefore, ensure that the platform of your choice loads the pages fast when uploading or downloading files.

No matter the size of your budget, there’s a website builder that can suit every artist in the music industry. Now let’s dive in and compare the best website builders available for artists in the music industry right now.

1. Bandzoogle: Free Domain and Commission-Free Store

Bandzoogle web builder features over 100 beautiful mobile friendly themes with commission-free sales on music, tickets, downloads, and merchandise. The platform is an excellent choice for bands, duets, and solo artists.

The platform features efficient SEO tools that allow you to sell music, tickets and more at no extra cost. There is an event management tool that helps you to run the show behind the scene just as if you were on stage. Other indispensable features include fast and reliable cloud hosting, unlimited bandwidth, 24-hour support via live chat and email.

2. Wix

If you are looking for a website builder that permits you to upload music directly from your website, Wix is an excellent choice that provides bespoke service to bands and artists. Besides, this sleek and easy to use platform features a solid selection of templates and useful tools that allow you to upload your tracks so that web visitors can listen without any extra software or platform.

Additionally, there’s a site editor that is easy to use even if you’re not very tech savvy. The blogging tool will allow you to reach out to your fan base with the help of SEO and simple social media support. Wix features a free trial plan that you can try out before committing any cash.

3. Difymusic

Uploading music and concert recording in HD quality is a crucial feature for any music related website. Difymusic is a French site builder packed with cutting edge video and audio attributes and an excellent choice for beginner artists and bands.

Beneath the fancy features, Difymusic comes with one of the best simple setups that support a whole load of plugins for getting your music up. You can sell, and merch tickets pay and add that to your main site to scale up quickly.

4. uKit

uKit boasts more than ten years of experience in providing artists and band with easy to use web builders with one of the most impressive design features with customizable elements. The platform features an intuitive design and a responsive interface for both mobile and desktop.

The web builder integrates with widgets like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Besides, the platform offers flexible price plans that provide value for money with unlimited pages, disk space, Google analytics support, premium designs, and unlimited domains.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking forward to scaling your business in the music industry, these top four easy to use website builders with key customization features would be an excellent choice to allow you to increase your profit margins.

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